Curvy Festival Style

Anonymous asked:

I’m 5’10” and 197 lbs so I have a hard time finding things long enough that fit right. I really like the whole music festival look but I don’t feel comfortable in short shorts or skimpy tank tops. Do you have any suggestions on what I could wear?

The great thing about festival style is that it’s so versatile. Each festival has it’s own vibe and the fashion corresponds to it. I’ve created several looks based on 4 different events!


Coachella is all about enjoying music and art in the desert. I chose this cool tank because it’s comfortable and the applique has a total Coachella vibe. If you don’t feel comfortable showing so much skin, this lace caftan will add coverage and won’t make you too hot. Boyfriend jeans look cool and the cuffs & rips add interest without having to be skimpy. Finish off the look with some gladiator flats and jewelry and you’re ready to party!


The scene at Glastonbury is very rocker chic. A cute floral top adds a girly touch to the edgy leather-like leggings and moto vest. I love these ankle booties because they are stylish but you can wear them all day and stay comfortable.


Bonnaroo has more of a hippie vibe, so fringe is a must! This black fringe top is loose and pairs effortlessly with white jeans. If you don’t like wearing white pants, this top would also look great with denim leggings.  A turban headband and gold accessories add some shine to this look.


Boho is the way to go for Pitchfork style. I love this sundress because the print is so pretty and it will keep you cool in the summer heat! A straw hat, ear cuff and sandals complete this look.

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adrinkofgreenelixir asked:

About chaffing in the summer: When I get a ladder or tear in my tights and it's below the knee, I cut them down to where I need them instead of just throwing them in the bin. I'm really broke so I can't really afford the super awesome options that exist that look at bit fancier, but this works well enough for me. I hope this is useful for someone. :)

Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

pudeator asked:

Hey! I'm on the search for some under dress shorts that stay put and actually do their chafe reducing job! Have you seen anyone that you or followers could recommend?

Hi @pudeator!

In the last couple of years, I’ve seen quite a few options come out for preventing chafing. Here are a few that I’ve found:

1.) Jockey Skimmies Slipshort 

These shorts are long enough to keep the thighs form rubbing together and they aren’t too bulky so they would work great under dresses.

2.) Undersummers Lace Shortlette Slip Short

These shorts are specifically designed to prevent chafing and they look comfortable. The lace is really pretty too!

3.) Bandelettes

If you want to protect from chafing without wearing a full pair of shorts, try Bandalettes. These non-slip elastic bands are discreet and the silicone lining ensures that they won’t move.

If anyone else has any tips, let me know!


saraannen asked:

hey! I was wondering if you knew where to find plus size overalls? i've been looking for a pair forever. Thanks :D

Hi saraannen!

I did some searching and found a few cute options!


1.) If you want a classic look, these bermuda overalls from Rainbow are great.

2.) These denim shortalls from Addition Elle are really cute. I like the cuffed legs.

3.) I really love these printed shortalls from Wet Seal. Aren’t they adorable?

4.) For something a bit edgier, Rainbow has these acid wash overalls that are really cool.

I hope this helps!

~Lauren ❤