Hi everyone!

So in the last year, I’ve lost about 80 pounds (yay!) and most of my clothes don’t fit anymore. I was thinking of opening an online boutique so people can buy my clothes and accessories. Sizes will range from 3x-5x (28-36ish.) I haven’t seen a lot of shops out there for bigger plus size ladies like me, so would anyone be interested in this?

miharuc asked:

Hello! I just found your blog. I was hoping that you could have a look at mine as well, as I am full-figured and sometimes struggle to find an audience. I wish that I could model plus-size (or any size!) the way that I am, one day! Thanks in advance. Looking forward to following.


Your blog is great! I really love that Snow White look! :)

If anyone else wants to follow her, here’s a link: http://miharuc.tumblr.com/

Anonymous asked:

Thanks for answering my ask! Bummer that the dress and top aren't available anymore :( But, the other options you suggested are great! Thanks again :)

You’re welcome! :)

Anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can get this outfit? post/70152882301/i-love-the-lace-star-patterned-skirt-together I keep seeing this picture going around, but I can't figure out where the clothes are from and I've fallen in love with them!


Isn’t this outfit awesome? I found that the dress and lace crop top are both from Forever 21+. jerilinn posted this OOTD in August 2013 so unfortunately I couldn’t find either piece online. Not even on ebay! But here are a few great lace top choices from Forever 21: 

Enchanted Floral Lace Top http://bit.ly/1mpBN0r 

Elegant Bejeweled Lace Top http://bit.ly/1ffc0Sd

Romantic Rose Lace Top http://bit.ly/1dm9oSB

And here are some high-low dresses that would look great with a lace top: 

Trixxi Sleeveless Sequin High-Low Dress http://bit.ly/1ceo1ak

Lace Hi-Lo Dress http://bit.ly/OrDtLv

Floral Chiffon Hi-Lo Dress http://bit.ly/1bBorwy 

Trixxi Sleeveless Lace High-Low http://bit.ly/1k43rSe

I hope this helps!

~ Lauren 

Hi everyone!

I just received a message from rougeandbooks and she needs our help! She’s running for a show called The Fashion Hero and her platform is all about body positivity. She’s in the top 5 right now and if she stays there through February she will be a finalist and she’ll get to go on TV in the fall and talk about body and beauty positivity! Isn’t that awesome?

If you want to vote for, here is a link to her voting page: Thefashionhero.com/members/rougeandbooks

Good luck, rougeandbooks! 

Anonymous asked:

do you know where i could find this dress?: post/58019074596/super-cute-polka-dot-dress-that-heart-keyhole-is


This dress is so adorable! It’s a 50s’ Polka Dot Heart Swing Dress from Queen of Holloway. Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/1neFKDz

Hope this helps!